We are a group of researchers interested in biological invasions, community ecology, biodiversity and global environmental change, and we usually work with plants. We are fascinated in the processes and factors that drive community composition and diversity, and the impacts of human-induced environmental change on the structure and function of vegetation.

We combine fundamental and applied aspects of ecology in our research, using lessons learnt from one perspective to inform the other, and we collaborate widely. We work in terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, including rivers, wetlands and grasslands, and combine a wide range of theoretical, quantitative and empirical approaches in our research.

We are based in the Department of Geography, King’s College London at KCL’s Strand campus in central London, UK, but conduct our research all over the world. For example, we run long-term field experiments in Australia, the US and UK.

The main themes of our research are summarised here. More information can be found on the publications and people pages.

We are committed to equality, diversity and inclusion, and strive to create an inclusive environment where all individuals are valued and able to succeed. We aim to achieve and promote a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive research environment by ensuring EDI is embedded in all of our practices and behaviours.  

Header photo by Jacob Miller 2015.

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